1.      airy-fairy
foolish idealistic and vague
2.      argy-bargy
noisy quarrelling
3.      dilly-dally
dawdle or vacillate
4.      fuddy-duddy
a person who is very old-fashioned and pompous
5.      harum-scarum
reckless; impetuous
6.      helter-skelter
in disorderly haste or confusion
7.      hocus-pocus
meaningless talk used to deceive
8.      hotch-potch
a confused mixture
9.      hoity-toity
10.  hunky-dory
11.  hurdy-gurdy
a musical instrument with a droning sound played by turning a handle, with keys worked by the other hand
12.  hurly-burly
boisterous activity
13.  itty-bitty
very small
14.  jiggery-pokery
deceitful or dishonest behaviour
15.  knick-knack
a small object, especially an ornament of little value
16.  mish-mash
a confused mixture
17.  namby-pamby
lacking courage or vigour
18.  pell-mell
in a confused, rushed or disorderly way
19.  pitter-patter
a sound as of quick light steps or taps
20.  riff-raff
disreputable or undesirable people
21.  roly-poly
round and plump
22.  silly-billy
a silly person
23.  teeny-weeny
very small
24.  tell-tale
revealing or betraying something
25.  tip-top
of the very best; excellent
26.  willy-nilly
without direction or planning, haphazardly
27.  wishy-washy
weak or thin; feeble or insipid

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