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Easy English Series 13 | For all Competitive Exams

In the following questions some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error.

1.To die with honour(a)/ is better than (b)/ live with dishonour.(c)/ No error (d)

2. It is I (a)/ who is to blame(b)/ for this bad situation.(c)/ No error (d)

3. Gowri told me (a)/ his name after (b)/ he left.(c)/ No error (d)

4. John would have told(a)/ you the truth (b)/ if you had asked him.(c)/ No error(d)

5. My sister (a)/ has read (b)/ pages after pages of the bible(c)/ No error (d)

6.Your success in the IAS Examination depends not only on (a)/ what papers you have selected (b)/ but on how you have written them(c)/ No error (d)

7. Heavy rain(a)/ prevented us(b)/ to go to the cinema(c)/ No error(d)

8. If the majority of the individuals in a state(a)/ prosper (b)/ the state itself would prosper.(c)/ No error (d)

9. If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, (a)/ they will be stopped, ticketed (b)/ and have to pay a fine(c)./ No error(d)

10. He asked (a)/ supposing if he fails (b)/ what he would do.(c)/ No error(d)


  1. live के स्थान पर to live आयेगा
  2. No error
  3. left के स्थान पर had left आयेगा
  4. No error
  5. दोनों pages के स्थान पर page आयेगा
  6. but के बाद also का प्रयोग होगा
  7. to go के स्थान पर from going का प्रयोग होगा
  8. would के स्थान पर will का प्रयोग होगा
  9. No error
  10. supposing और if का प्रयोग एक साथ नहीं होता


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