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Should You Attempt Mock tests for SBI Clerk Exam?

Importance of attempting Mock tests for SBI Clerk Exam_

Should You Attempt Mock tests for SBI Clerk Exam?

Gone are the days when students use to crack exams just by Solving previous year Questions. With the decrease in vacancies and increase in competition, it has now become very important to give mocks before actual exam. For all the aspirants who are going to appear for the SBI Clerk exam this year, we have shared important some reasons on why they can’t afford to miss online mock tests before real exam. So, read this post now to understand the importance of online mock tests for SBI Clerk exam.

  1. Spotting Weak Areas:

When you attempt mock test, you get a well-structured report card which you can use to spot your Weak areas. Thus, you can work on those topics to become better and better than earlier one with each mock test.

Here are some tips to improve your weak areas:

  • Write down the name of topics in which you are scoring less marks.
  • Clear basics of the same. You can go through online study notes and videos for this.
  • Give topic - wise quizzes of these topics from grade up platform.
  1. Real Exam like experience:

Mocks tests are prepared according to latest pattern and real exam like interface. Thus, students stay calm in real exam as they become habitual of exam like situation after giving 20 to 25 mock tests.

  1. Strategy formation:

You can do different experiments in mock tests before finalising a proper strategy which suits the best for you. Some students are comfortable with Puzzles others don’t. So, aspirants can form their strategy according to their strength. One can’t do such experiments in exam, which makes mock tests must for aspirants.

Here are some tips which an aspirant should consider while forming a strategy:

  • Questions which comes in sets like number series, inequalities, quadratic- equations, data interpretation, simplifications, etc. should be attempted first.
  • Check your strong areas and attempt these topics first as this will give you confidence in real exam if you easily solve good number of questions in first half of your exam.
  • Make sure you should know how to determine the difficulty of puzzles just by giving a cursory read.
  1. Speed with accuracy:

Since mocks are time bounded, with each mock aspirants try to increase their attempt with good accuracy. Comparison given in result report with the topper gives a feel of Competition which further helps in boosting score.

Here are some tips which aspirants can use to boost speed along with accuracy

  • Give Sectional tests daily.
  • Topic wise tests should be given twice or thrice a day.
  • Learn some short formulae and tricks which come in handy during exam.
  1. Variety of updated questions:

In mock tests aspirants get many new pattern-based updated questions which one cannot find in printed books. Thus, to stay updated with the latest syllabus, one should attempt mocks before actual exam.

Note down new pattern Questions so that you can revise them before exam.

  1. Ranking helps to Check one’s performance:

Lakhs of Students appear for mocks; thus, you can determine where you stand by comparing your rank and percentile with other Aspirants.

Features of ranking system in the online test series:

  • Overall percentile and all India rank gives an idea about the level of preparation to aspirants.
  • Overall cut-off as well as sectional cut-offs, helps aspirants to evaluate their performance.
  • Sectional percentiles can be used to determine which subject needs more time and from which subject one can fetch more marks.
  1. Well-structured solutions:

In the online mock tests, detailed solutions of different questions are given, sometimes with video analysis as well (as in gradeup’s test series). So, proper analysis of such tests helps you understand some shortcuts to solve questions which you otherwise have skipped.

  1. Revision:

In a single mock you get different variety of questions, which helps aspirants to stay connected with each and every topic.

These reasons are enough for serious aspirants to understand why they can’t afford to miss mock tests before Actual SBI Clerk Prelims exam.

There are many doubts and facts about mock tests which I think an aspirant should know. I have discussed all doubts and facts below which an aspirant can use to utilize Mock tests efficiently.

  1. How much mock tests to be given?

The number of tests to be given varies from student to student and also from exam to exam. As far as Preliminary examination is considered, an aspirant should give 20 mocks as Preliminary examination checks speed as well as accuracy of an aspirant. However, for Mains 10 mocks are enough as Mains examination is more about knowledge.

  1. What should be the frequency of attempting them?

One can start with 2 mocks a week and then increase the frequency to 4 per week with time. The only thing one should understand that analysis of each mock is must. So, analysis should not be compromised just for the sake of maintaining frequency. Also, it is advisable to stop giving mocks at least 3 days before actual exam.

  1. How to use mock tests efficiently?

Just attempting mocks is not enough, an aspirant should analyse mocks before moving to next mock. Following are some tips which may help aspirants while analysing mocks.

  • Make notes of all tricky Questions.
  • Search your weak areas and try to minimise them.
  • Make the best use of your strong areas.
  • Prepare notes of new formulae and Vocabulary which you come across in mock tests.
  • Attempt mocks according to strategy and change your strategy only if the earlier one doesn’t work for you.
  • Don’t worry about marks, just focus on percentile.
  • Study Sectional percentiles to determine your strong and weak section/sections.
  • Don’t get demotivated, level of mocks generally set slightly higher as compare to actual exam.
  • Revise notes of tricky Questions before actual exam.

So, start attempting full-length online mock tests right away if you wish to score high in the upcoming SBI Clerk exam. Don’t waste any more time, as time and tides wait for none.

Download SBI Clerk preparation app, and get free study material, mock test, topic-wise  subject’s quizzes, and previous year question papers of SBI Clerk exam.


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